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Tuning Transcription Factor Availability through Acetylation-Mediated Genomic Redistribution

Journal article

Louphrasitthiphol P. et al, (2020), Molecular Cell, 79, 472 - 487.e10

Emerging tools to investigate bromodomain functions.

Journal article

Kougnassoukou Tchara P-E. et al, (2019), Methods (San Diego, Calif.)

BRomoDomain-containing protein 4 (BRD4) regulates oxidative stress and autophagy in skeletal muscle

Conference paper

Segatto M. et al, (2019), ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA, 227, 7 - 8

Structural Basis for Recruitment of DAPK1 to the KLHL20 E3 Ligase

Journal article

Chen Z. et al, (2019), Structure, 27, 1395 - 1404.e4

A chemical toolbox for the study of bromodomains and epigenetic signaling.

Journal article

Wu Q. et al, (2019), Nat Commun, 10

A Tail-Based Mechanism Drives Nucleosome Demethylation by the LSD2/NPAC Multimeric Complex.

Journal article

Marabelli C. et al, (2019), Cell Rep, 27, 387 - 399.e7

Evaluation of linker length effects on a BET bromodomain probe

Journal article

Traquete R. et al, (2019), Chemical Communications, 55, 10128 - 10131

Synthesis and Biological Investigation of (+)-JD1, an Organometallic BET Bromodomain Inhibitor

Journal article

Hassell-Hart S. et al, (2019), Organometallics

Interactome rewiring following pharmacological targeting of BET bromodomains

Journal article

Lamber J-P. et al, (2018), Molecular Cell

A TFEB nuclear export signal integrates amino acid supply and glucose availability

Journal article

Li L. et al, (2018), Nature Communications, 9

BRAF/MAPK and GSK3 signaling converges to control MITF nuclear export

Journal article

Ngeow KC. et al, (2018), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, E8668 - E8677

BET bromodomain ligands: Probing the WPF shelf to improve BRD4 bromodomain affinity and metabolic stability.

Journal article

Jennings LE. et al, (2018), Bioorg Med Chem, 26, 2937 - 2957

What Is the BET on Solid Tumors?

Journal article

Filippakopoulos P., (2018), J Clin Oncol

The C-terminal extension landscape of naturally presented HLA-I ligands.

Journal article

Guillaume P. et al, (2018), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 115, 5083 - 5088

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