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Time to reconsider the role of ribavirin in Lassa fever

Journal article

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An integrated understanding of long-term sequelae after acute COVID-19.

Journal article

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Managing the risks of making the wrong diagnosis: First, do no harm.

Journal article

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Serious adverse events following treatment of visceral leishmaniasis: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Journal article

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Gender disparity in cases enrolled in clinical trials of visceral leishmaniasis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Journal article

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What does 95% COVID-19 vaccine efficacy really mean?

Journal article

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Long COVID: tackling a multifaceted condition requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Journal article

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Evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of praziquantel against schistosomes in seven countries with ongoing large-scale deworming programs.

Journal article

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Towards harmonization of microscopy methods for malaria clinical research studies

Journal article

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Effect of a health education intervention on intestinal parasitic infections in Bolivian children

Conference paper

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The time to do serosurveys for COVID-19 is now.

Journal article

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