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Activated Regulatory T-Cells, Dysfunctional and Senescent T-Cells Hinder the Immunity in Pancreatic Cancer

Journal article

Sivakumar S. et al, (2021), Cancers, 13, 1776 - 1776

Gut-educated IgA plasma cells defend the meningeal venous sinuses.

Journal article

Fitzpatrick Z. et al, (2020), Nature, 587, 472 - 476

The B cell immunobiology that underlies CNS autoantibody-mediated diseases

Journal article

Sun B. et al, (2020), Nature Reviews Neurology

Distinctive binding properties of human monoclonal LGI1 autoantibodies determine pathogenic mechanisms.

Journal article

Ramberger M. et al, (2020), Brain : a journal of neurology, 143, 1731 - 1745

FcγRIIb differentially regulates pre-immune and germinal center B cell tolerance in mouse and human

Journal article

Espéli M. et al, (2019), Nature Communications, 10

Genetic modification of primary human B cells to model high-grade lymphoma.

Journal article

Caeser R. et al, (2019), Nature communications, 10

Analysis of the B cell receptor repertoire in six immune-mediated diseases

Journal article

Bashford-Rogers RJM. et al, (2019), Nature, 574, 122 - 126

The Genomic and Immune Landscapes of Lethal Metastatic Breast Cancer

Journal article

De Mattos-Arruda L. et al, (2019), Cell Reports, 27, 2690 - 2708.e10

Antibody repertoire analysis in polygenic autoimmune diseases

Journal article

Bashford-Rogers RJM. et al, (2018), Immunology, 155, 3 - 17

The integrated genomic and immune landscapes of lethal metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

Conference paper

De Mattos-Arruda L. et al, (2018), Journal of Clinical Oncology, 36, 1009 - 1009

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