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Pandemics move faster than funders

Journal article

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The feasibility of novel point-of-care diagnostics for febrile illnesses at health centres in Southeast Asia: a mixed-methods study

Journal article

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Dengue in Myanmar: Spatiotemporal epidemiology, association with climate and short-term prediction

Journal article

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Malaria outbreak in Laos driven by a selective sweep for Plasmodium falciparum kelch13 R539T mutants: a genetic epidemiology analysis

Journal article

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Pf7: an open dataset of Plasmodium falciparum genome variation in 20,000 worldwide samples

Journal article

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Antimalarial chemoprophylaxis for forest goers in southeast Asia: an open-label, individually randomised controlled trial

Journal article

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Pf7: an open dataset of Plasmodium falciparum genome variation in 20,000 worldwide samples.

Journal article

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Modelling the optimal dosing schedule for artemether-lumefantrine chemoprophylaxis against malaria

Journal article

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Climate drives the spatiotemporal dynamics of scrub typhus in China

Journal article

Ding F. et al, (2022), Global Change Biology

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