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A disease-associated gene desert directs macrophage inflammation through ETS2.

Journal article

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Two biases in incubation time estimation related to exposure

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Diabetes and risk of hospitalisation due to infection in northeastern Thailand: Retrospective cohort study using population-based healthcare service data.

Journal article

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Pillar data-acquisition strategies for cryo-electron tomography of beam-sensitive biological samples

Journal article

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Role of mucosal-associated invariant T cells in coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine immunogenicity.

Journal article

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Social cohesion among healthcare workers during COVID-19: Qualitative research in Indonesia, Nepal, and Vietnam

Journal article

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Why digital innovation may not reduce healthcare's environmental footprint.

Journal article

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Rectal artesunate: lives not saved.

Journal article

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Malaria epidemiology, surveillance and response for elimination in Lao PDR

Journal article

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