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Adam Fowler

Part-time DPhil Student

Investigating using consumer technology to disrupt the spread of disease

Adam Fowler is reading for a DPhil Clinical Medicine in Professor Fraser's Pathogen Dynamics Group. Adam has been in the group since October 2021. A full time employee in industry working as Director of Product and Sales Engineering at Datavid, Adam is studying at the PSI part-time.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Adam was Lead Architect for the UK COVID-19 mobile app between March and June 2020. He is also involved in open source healthcare and is currently the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) worldwide, and an Open::UK ambassador. He is the founder and lead maintainer of The Herald Project, a project within LFPH, which is open source Bluetooth messaging software and hardware that enables healthcare use cases including Smart Hospitals and Digital Contact Tracing. Herald is used by Australia's COVIDsafe and Alberta Canada's TraceTogether systems, with a combined install base of over 7.6 million users.

Adam's research is in using consumer technology to intervene earlier in an outbreak to try and disrupt its spread and prevent a Pandemic. This could be via Digital Contact Tracing once exposed, or earlier by allowing people to monitor their own social mixing, or perhaps monitor their own biometrics to spot changes that may indicate infection. Adam is working on mathematical modelling to bridge the gap between population level simulations like OpenABM-Covid19 and individual level social mixing, susceptibility, and behaviours.