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Aronrag Meeyai

Co-lead for Paradigms and Tools for Global Health module

I hold a PhD (Infectious Disease Epidemiology in 2009) and MSc (Modern Epidemiology in 2004) from Imperial College, London. My other MSc in Applied Statistics and BSc in Economics from Thailand involved many statistical techniques. After studying and working in the UK from 2003-2010, I worked at Mahidol University in Thailand from 2010 to 2019. During those ten years, I was a co-director of the MSc course in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Mahidol University. As well as helping to organize this course, my work also involved teaching statistical methods for epidemiology and mathematical modelling, and required supervising MSc & PhD students from throughout South and Southeast Asia (i.e. Thailand, Laos PDR, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, etc.) as well as from developed countries including Japan and France. In 2019, I relocated back to the UK and worked with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) as an Assistant Professor working on the analysis of epidemiological data for visceral leishmaniasis.

At LSHTM, I also organised and taught the “Analytical Models for Decision-Making” MSc module. My main research interest is in the epidemiological and economic modelling of disease interventions to support evidence-based public health decision making. My experience in contributing applied mathematical/statistical modelling and economic analysis to the evidence base for Thai policymakers has covered various issues such as influenza vaccination, dengue vaccination, vaccine-preventable diseases, tobacco control, and human resources for healthcare services. I have current collaborations with the University of Bristol and have previously worked as a post-doc with Imperial, LSHTM, and Mahidol Oxford Research Unit (MORU).