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Catherine Kenyatta

Chief Operating Officer (KWTRP)

KEMRI|Wellcome Trust Research Programme

Catherine has over 20 years experience in managing in research and development organisations. After completing her PhD, she worked at the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF) in Kenya; before taking up a series of positions as consultant and advisor on agriculture and food related issues in the horn of Africa with USAID, the University of Missouri and Tuskegee University. In 2001, Catherine returned to ICRAF as Manager for programme planning and resources, and 2005 left to work with the University of Missouri as Director of a project focused on supporting development and governance activities in Southern Sudan. In 2006, she joined the MDG Centre of the Earth Institute at Columbia University managing planning and operations.

Catherine joined the KEMRI|Wellcome Trust Research Programme in 2009 and is responsible for the strategic development and management of all the support functions at the Programme – finance and procurement; human resources; facilities; transport; security; health and safety; and, information technology. A member of our senior management team, Catherine leads for the Programme on risk management and business continuity. Catherine has BA in Human Sciences (Oxford), a PhD in Anthropology (London) and an MBA (Oxford).

Contact for KWTRP

 Phone: +254 730 162110 / + 254 730 162 000