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Chris P Conlon

Chris P Conlon FRCP

Professor of Infectious Diseases

  • Head of NDM Experimental Medicine
  • Member of congregation
  • Group Head / PI
  • Consultant Physician and Unit Director

I am responsible for a mixture of clinical, teaching, research and administrative duties, including covering the 18 bed Infectious Diseases Unit at the Churchill Hospital.  I collaborate with colleagues in HIV research and am currently on the trial steering committee of the RIVER study; a proof of principle trial of HDAC inhibitors and HIV vaccine use in an attempt to ‘cure’ HIV.  I also run the TB service in Oxford and collaborate with Professor Derrick Crook and others using whole genome sequencing to improve diagnoses.  I also have oversight of the Tropical Medicine Group and was recently invited to lecture at The First Beijing International Conference on Precision Medicine and Cancer Treatment Forum with a talk entitled “Medical Education in the 21st Century”

I am a Fellow and Tutor in Clinical Medicine at Oriel College, Oxford and regularly teach Oxford medical undergraduates in lectures and seminars, and at the bedside.  In addition, I am a Principal Examiner in Medicine in Oxford and Chair of the Royal College of Physicians Joint Specialty Committee for Infectious Diseases.

I was Interim Head of Department for the Nuffield Department of Medicine from May 2016 until June 2019.  I have also been the Head NDM Experimental Medicine since 2014.