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Professor Dejan Zurovac

Professor Dejan Zurovac

Dejan Zurovac

Associate Professor

Malaria Public Health

Dejan is an epidemiologist within Malaria Public Health Department at KEMRI/Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Nairobi, Kenya. Since 1997 he has been working in several African countries as medical doctor, health programme manager and researcher evaluating translation of malaria case-management policies into practice. His current research interest involves measuring operational effectiveness of the national malaria case-management policy at public health facilities in Kenya as well as evaluating impact of innovative interventions using mobile health interventions to improve routine malaria health service delivery. Specifically, Dejan is interested in looking at effects of SMS based interventions to improve health workers adherence to guidelines, patients’ adherence to medications and availability of commodities. The work is done in close collaboration with Kenyan MoH’s Division of Malaria Control (DOMC) resulting in improved capacities within the DOMC to perform monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, and operational research. Dejan is also affiliated to the Center of Global Health and Development at Boston University and is member of several national and international advisory and technical working groups on malaria case management, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation and operational research.