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Dimitra Peppa

Dimitra Peppa

Research groups

Dimitra Peppa


MRC Clinician Scientist Dr, Group Head/PI, Consultant HIV Physician

Medical Research Council Clinician Scientist Fellowship - 

'Natural Killer cell regulation of antiviral T cell responses in the pathogenesis of HIV infection'

My research interests focus on the role of NK cells in HIV immunopathogenesis and regulation of adaptive responses. Our work aims to delineate the role of genetic and environmental factors, such as HCMV, on shaping NK cell function and any downstream effects on adaptive immunity. I have previously demonstrated that NK cells play a crucial regulatory role during persistent Hepatitis B virus infection, involving deletion of virus specific cells. We continue to explore the relevance of this phenomenon in HIV infection given the importance of ongoing immune activation and predilection of NK cells for activated T cells. Our main research goal is to optimise, direct, or specifically target NK cells in therapeutic and preventative interventions that will allow us to overcome the current barriers to eliciting effective immunity to HIV.

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