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Ed Gibbs

Ed Gibbs

Edward Gibbs

Chief Operating Officer

As COO in the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM), Ed’s role is to ensure all aspects of the Department’s Professional Services deliver high quality support to enable the Head of Department to deliver against his academic strategy. In practice, this means ensuring that effective support is provided through HR, Finance, Grants, Facilities, Communications, Graduate Teaching support and other professional services to the academic units of the NDM.

Additionally, Ed has a specific element of his  role which relates to supporting the NDM’s Overseas Programmes in Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya. These are flagship programmes which are supported by the Wellcome Trust and require alignment of University support structures with local operations to enable the delivery of high quality research in international settings.

The series of business units Ed oversees are:

  • Tropical Medicine and Global Health: circa. £70m turnover, £350m externally funded research portfolio, 250 University employed staff, 2,000 overseas staff.
  • The NDM Big Data Institute (BDI): circa. £8m turnover, £45m externally funded research portfolio, 100 staff.
  • The Target Discovery Institute: circa. £22m turnover, £110m externally funded research portfolio, 200 staff.
  • The Pandemic Sciences Institute ( A new institute that has circa. £20m turnover, 50 staff and has, in its first few months, raised £45m for capital funding and programmatic funding of circa. £90m.


Team: Oxford Administration

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