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Indra Rudiansyah

DPhil Student

Malaria Vaccine Programme - Hill Group

I am a fourth-year D.Phil. student in the pre-erythrocytic malaria vaccine group. My research focuses on optimising Pf. TRAP antigen for a liver-stage malaria vaccine using clinically tested viral vectors and vaccination regimens in murine models. In addition, I also evaluate the combination of vaccine platforms to enhance humoral and cellular immunogenicity of pre-erythrocytic-stage malaria vaccine.

During my post-graduate career, I joined the Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine trial as part of the immunology team looking at the humoral responses induced by the ChAdOX1-nCOV-19 vaccine. In addition, I also joined the student internship at COVAX Facility, GAVI, to support the technical and vaccine policy team related to the COVID-19 vaccine.