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Li Pi

DPhil Student of Clinical Medicine

Li Pi is a research assistant and a full-time DPhil student under the supervision of Professor Deirdre Hollingsworth and Professor Piero Olliaro based in Oxford. She holds a BSc in Preventive Medicine (major), a BSc in Laws (minor), and an MSc in Epidemiology. Her research interests revolve around utilizing mathematical, statistical, and computational models to inform disease dynamics and facilitate public health decision-making.

She has been actively engaged in cutting-edge COVID-19 epidemiological research since 2020 and was recognized by the UK government with an SPI-M-O (the UK Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, Operational sub-group) Award for Modelling and Data Support for her contributions to pandemic response efforts. Currently, she is in the final stages of completing her thesis, which evaluates the impacts of heterogeneity in individual contact behaviours on the dynamics of the UK COVID-19 pandemic.