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Dr Marc Choisy

Dr Marc Choisy

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Monthly incidence of dengue syndromes

18 years of data from 273 provinces in 8 countries of Southeast Asia (ordered from south to north), showing synchrony of outbreaks across the region, ENSO-driven multiannual pattern and latitudinal gradient of epidemiological regimen.

COVID-19 in Vietnam

Social distancing response to COVID-19 in Vietnam in 2020. Colocation data from Facebook allow to compute the matrix of contact between all the 700 districts of Vietnam (left). The spatial structure of these contact is shown on the map in the middle. The 2 graphs on the right show the strength and the clustering statistics of the network of districts in Vietnam throughout 2020, showing particularly well the effect of the 3-week national lockdown in April and the quick response to the Danang outbreak in August.

Marc Choisy

Group head (Mathematical Modelling)

Marc Choisy is the head of Mathematical Modelling at OUCRU in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. He holds a MSc in Biostatistics, a MSc in Ecology & Evolution, and a PhD in Integrative Biology from the University of Montpellier, France. He is an Associate Editor of the PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases journal and an honorary Associate Professor at the Hong Kong University (School of Public Health).

Marc uses mathematical and computational models to understand the transmission of infectious diseases in populations. He is particularly interested in the environmental and climatic drivers of disease epidemiology, the spread of diseases in space, the optimization of vaccine policies and the reduction of antimicrobial resistance. He’s been working mostly on measles, influenza and dengue. He is currently co-leading a hospital-based sero-surveillance system in Vietnam that will provide key data to feed epidemiological models in order to optimize immunization strategies at the country level. He is also very interested in big data and open data, the development of tools for the R programming language, as well as reproducible research.

Influenza seasonality

Gradient of seasonality of influenza-like illness (ILI, red) in Vietnam from south (right) to north (left). We have shown that this gradient of seasonality is essentially driven by absolute humidity (shown in blue on the figure).

Measles immunization

Gaps of immunization against measles shown by a sero-surveys conducted from residual hospital samples in Vietnam (4 hospitals represented by red triangles). Estimates of sero-prevalence are shown from 3 age classes (0-1 yr, 1-2 yr and 2-3 yr) for girls and boys and can be compared to estimates inferred from vaccination cards (through the UNICEF/MICS surveys) in each of 6 regions in Vietnam. The minimum level of sero-prevalence to protect a population is 95%.


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