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Matt Cherrill - Communications Design Officer

Matt Cherrill

Communications Design Officer

Matt provides graphic design services to NDM and all of its units. He is also a key support contact for Haiku and the NDM unit websites.

Matt studied Landscape Architecture but graduated as the industry collapsed in recession - eventually he retrained as a Graphic Designer. Originally working in print design, he has experience in brochures, newsletters, advertising, branding, exhibitions, vehicle graphics, signage and a wide variety of marketing material.  As print work was usurped by digital media, Matt moved with it, designing websites and online assets for a range of colourful B2B and B2C clients.

Matt has worked as a designer in local government, an advertising agency and a design studio attached to a PR and digital marketing agency. Prior to joining NDM he was a freelance designer for 12 years.

Working as a Freelancer meant never saying no to any work. As a result Matt added to his skills in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, e-commerce, hosting management, photography, illustration, video editing, project management and marketing support. 

He is also an artist and graphic illustrator.

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