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Prabin Dahal

Research Fellow

  • Statistician, Infectious Diseases Data Observatory
  • Teaching Fellow in Statistics, MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine
  • Susan and George Brownlee Junior Research Fellow, Linacre College

Research summary

I am a statistician based at Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO).

I have a broad interest in epidemiology of infectious diseases (Malaria and Visceral Leishmaniasis in particular). My research has primarily focused on delineation of dose-response relationships for commonly used antimalarial drugs through individual participant data meta-analysis and assessment of safety of antileishmanial drugs.

Prior to my current role, I completed first and second degrees in Statistics from the University of Reading, spent a year at Safety Assessment and Pharmaceutical Development unit at GlaxoSmithKline supporting pre-clinical studies, and completed DPhil in Clinical Medicine on investigation of statistical issues in antimalarial clinical studies.

I serve as a Teaching Fellow in Statistics with the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine.

At Linacre College, I am a Susan and George Brownlee junior research fellow in biomedical sciences.


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