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Romain Guyon

DPhil Student

Milicic Group

I graduated in Biosciences Engineering at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées of Lyon, France (INSA de Lyon) in 2018, and obtained an MSc in biomedical engineering. This was followed by an Erasmus placement at Oxford and a 6-month internship in Paris in HiFiBio Therapeutics, where I worked on the development of a droplet microfluidic based high-throughput assay applied to selecting antibodies and assessing their functionality. I was then awarded the NDM Prize Studentship at Oxford where I am currently studying for a DPhil in Clinical Medicine, based between the Jenner Institute and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME).

My PhD project is focused on developing a new technology for delayed vaccine delivery, using encapsulation by microfluidics to produce single dose vaccines. To date, I have implemented a working double emulsion microfluidics platform to encapsulate macromolecules into PLGA particles. Different delivery modalities have now been achieved in vitro. We are currently characterising the mechanism of payload release by fluorescent, confocal and scanning electron microscopy using mouse models, and assessing the in vivo release kinetics and immunogenicity of the encapsulated vaccine.

Apart from research, I am a member of the Oxford University Athletic Club, running the 400m, and play point guard in the Oxford University Basketball team. I also practice kitesurf and wakeboard in my spare time.