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Sasi Shanmugam Senga

DPhil Student

Research interests

The unidirectional developmental model proposed by Sir Conrad Waddington was defied by Sir John B Gurdon and Yamanaka, similarly histone methylation which serves as a key element of eukaryotic epigenome was believed to be irreversible. This epigenetic dogma was refuted by Professor Yang Shi with the discovery of the first histone demethylase which resulted in a paradigm shift in the field of epigenetics. I proposed epigenetic dysregulation as one of the hallmarks of cancer in my paper the Hallmarks of Cancer - the New Testament. At Ludwig, I am working on the hallmark of epigenetic dysregulation. My research focus is on exploiting epigenetic vulnerabilities to develop novel therapeutic options predominantly for brain cancers and also other cancer types.


I am a Neurosurgical Oncologist with Masters in Neuroscience, Masters in Cancer & Therapeutics, and specialist training in cancer research from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Barts Cancer Institute. I am a UK Commonwealth Scholar and an Oxford Clarendon Scholar and Excellence award/Top Honours award recipient from the Harvard Medical School. I have also authored a few books on cancer.

I run a cancer foundation for the underprivileged in two countries in memory of my mother Kalavathi who passed away due to cancer