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Wyatt Yue


Associate Professor, Principal Investigator

Structural guided drug discovery of rare diseases

Structural biology at the crossroad of genetic diseases and drug discovery

Wyatt Yue is a structural biologist with an MA (Biochemistry) from University of Oxford, and a PhD (Crystallography) from Birkbeck College, University of London. He specializes in the use of structural, biochemical and chemical biology approaches to study diverse metabolic protein families in the human genome, with the aim of deciphering the molecular mechanism of human inherited diseases at the protein level.

He leads the  ‘Metabolism & Organelle Biogenesis (MOB)’ group at the Centre of Medicines Discovery, Nuffield Department of Medicine. His team has to date deposited >200 human crystals structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Through collaborations with clinicians and pharma partners, his team aims to translate basic science into design of small molecule therapeutics for rare diseases with unmet need. 

Current areas of focus include: multiprotein complex machines, glycogen synthesis, vitamin B12 metabolism and Leloir pathway of galactose metabolism.

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