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The University has just published its fourth gender pay gap report.

gender gapThe 2021 report, which reports figures as at 31 March 2020, is available on the HR website and includes an introduction from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson. Professor Anne Trefethen comments “It is really important to understand that the gender pay gap is a measure across all jobs in the University, not of the difference in pay between men and women for doing the same job. As such it provides information about the structures in the University and the equality of the gender balance in those structures. This is the University’s fourth report and I’m glad to say we continue to make progress, although we still have some way to go. The mean gender pay gap has decreased this year from 21.6% to 20.1%, and has fallen by 4.4% since the introduction of gender pay gap reporting in 2017. The median gender pay gap remains at 13.7%, which is lower than the national level of 15.5%. What these numbers show is that we have few women in senior roles and more women in lower-grade roles. Our year-on-year figures show that we are shifting that balance but clearly have more work to do. The University figures hide a lot of detail and divisional action plans are being put into place that reflect local environments.”