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Staff Survey Findings

The first departmental survey was conducted during July 2012 to gather opinions from staff and students across NDM to inform the Athena SWAN bronze award application process and action plan development. Following that, regular surveys have been developed to target specific areas under investigation during that particular review period, to identify areas where good progress is being made as well as those where further work may be required. In 2016 the University launched the first institutional bi-annual University Staff Experience Survey. This survey contains fixed, standardised questions which allows for benchmarking both within and outside of the University. The data is used at a University level to advance initiatives such as those addressing race and gender equality. The second University Staff Experience Survey took place during 2018.

Within NDM, we use the feedback from the bi-annual University Staff Experience surveys as part of our ongoing efforts and commitment to Athena SWAN. We use the data, as well as other sources, to underpin the development and implementation of action plans and targeted projects. The data allows us to provide meaningful tracking on areas where we have made changes, to inform future action, and to highlight and celebrate where improvements have been made for our Athena SWAN award applications. 

Survey Results

The University has published the overall 2018 survey results in the Staff Experience Survey 2018 Report.

A summary of our NDM 2018 Survey Results can be found on our internal pages, so you will either need to be on a networked computer (within the University) or be on VPN to access it.

The Next Survey

The Equality and Diversity Unit (EDU) were due to launch the next University Staff Experience Survey in 2020, but it was delayed due to COVID-19, and is now due to be launched during 2021. We would ask all staff to please participate. We need your feedback! Thank you.