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NDM EDI Committee

The NDM EDI Committee is comprised of a group of individuals from across NDM who meet once a term and are tasked with furthering our EDI work, driving change and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion across the Department.

The development of the edi committee

Equality, diversity and inclusionDuring 2021, a proposal was submitted by the NDM Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team (SAT), to expand their remit to include a broader scope of EDI work, and to be re-named NDM EDI Committee. This broader approach acknowledges that identities are not one dimensional and can be complex in nature, and we can seek to tackle nuanced issues that affect individuals and recognise the importance of an intersectional approach to EDI work, including gender. Part of the Committees role is to aid with partnerships and departmental response to proposals and activity at Divisional and University level (such as the Race Equality Task Force, Staff Networks, and MSD EDI Steering Committee). The NDM EDI Committee will also bring current activity together, sharing good practice and ensure consistency of approach across NDM, working with existing local NDM EDI committees, both in Oxford and Overseas, to progress the EDI agenda. The NDM EDI Committee was approved by the Strategic and Operations Committee in September 2021, and launched in January 2022.

We also have representatives on International, University and Divisional level committees and working groups, looking to promote EDI and accelerate change at these levels.

NDM Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee 2021


Yvonne JonesYvonne Jones

Deputy Head of NDM

Geraldine GillespieGeraldine Gillespie


Azim AnsariAzim Ansari

Exp Medicine

Carla WrightCarla Wright

Exp Medicine

Ed GibbsEd Gibbs

Trop Med

Fraydoon RastinjadFraydoon Rastinjad


David BartleDavid Bartle

Pandemic Sciences Centre



Thea PerryThea Perry


Claire WorlandClaire Worland

EDI Facilitator

Bridget WillsBridget Wills

OCGHR, Trop Med

Parinaz MehdipourParinaz Mehdipour


getting in touch

Your voice matters! We would welcome you getting in touch with us, via the NDM EDI Facilitator.