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Global Mobility/International Working

Cross-border or overseas working is a complex area carrying several compliance risks, most notably the need to ensure the University meets its tax and social security obligations in countries of work and fulfils legal requirements in countries where work is taking place. Where there is a business reason for an employee or prospective employee needing to work overseas, it is essential that an expert assessment of their unique working pattern is first carried out in conjunction with the University tax team. An approval process must be followed prior to overseas working taking place in order to ensure the cost-effectiveness of such arrangements.

The University has an existing process to support the assessment and approval of instances of overseas working, which provides an approval form, and defines what level of overseas working would trigger the need to obtain approval. Instances of overseas working not reaching the threshold durations as defined by the University (typically 90 days or more spent abroad) still need to obtain Departmental approval.

NDM approval process

To supplement the University process, applications from NDM employees or line managers must be approved by the Department using the new process, details of which can be found below. It should not be assumed that a request to work overseas will be automatically granted as these arrangements include, in many cases, substantial additional cost.

If you spend time working outside the UK or established AAP locations or have any questions about this change, please contact HR (NDM ORC- / Experimental Medicine-