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NDM Human Resources

NDM HR on the Old Road Campus (ORC) operates as a consolidated service, that supports the Old Road Campus Units, Centres and Institutes, and overseas programmes (Africa & Asia Programmes – AAPs). NDM Experimental Medicine HR remains unchanged in terms of its structure but continues to be an integral part of the wider NDM HR team.

The consolidation of professional HR staff into specialist centres of excellence, allows for HR staff to partner closely with managers to support the overall strategic objective of attracting, recruiting and retaining the highest calibre staff. The key aims are; to provide an exceptional candidate experience for job applicants and ensure hiring managers are coached in modern best-practice attraction and recruitment techniques, and to create service efficiencies through streamlining and standardising of processes.

This HR model ensures we continue to provide consistent, accurate and clear information for staff. It also enables a greater focus on the identification and provision of staff development opportunities.

NDM HR ORC are based on the first floor of the Quad Offices in the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics.

Any queries relating to NDM HR ORC should be sent to Nina Gartside, NDM HR Operations Manager or Elena Mc Philbin, NDM Head of Human Resources, in the first instance.

Team Structure

The full team structure (with names) is available below. Each of the Partners have specific responsibility for their particular centre of excellence. Though not expressly operational in nature, Athena SWAN is an on-going area of work and therefore sits alongside the centres of excellence to ensure identified actions are operationalised.

NDM-ORC-HR-Org-Chart-22-Oct .png

Contact details for all HR ORC team members.

NDM Administration and HR

The HR Team sits within the wider NDM administrative structure and the HoHR reports directly to the Associate Head of Department (Academic Support & Finance).  Departmental HR strategy is discussed and agreed by a group of senior administrative staff and academic leads at specific points in the year.  Business Managers/Administrators ensure that the interests of each unit are represented and considered in any decision-making process.

The aims and objectives of each centre of excellence, along with team contact details and the escalation process can be found here. If you feel a query requires escalation beyond the Partners, please refer to the appropriate contact within the structure.

Accessing HR

The HR team has an open-door policy and therefore all NDM staff have automatic access to the Wellcome Centre via their University card during normal office hours. It is not necessary to announce to reception that you are coming to see HR. You may also arrange to meet any member of HR staff by contacting them by email, Teams or phone. This is a mobile and outward facing service. Team members are more than happy to meet in your building/office at a convenient time - there is no expectation that you need to come to us.

Standard office hours for the HR team are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday but many team members work flexibly and may therefore be available outside of these hours.

Contact details for all HR ORC team members.