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Recruitment and On-Boarding Centre of Excellence

The NDM Recruitment and On-Boarding team is responsible for supporting the NDM and University strategic objectives and ensuring recruitment is conducted in compliance with employment legislation, Departmental and University policy and best practice.

The team supports managers in all aspects of recruitment, from attraction through to selection.

The team is managed by Sibel Ruc (Recruitment Partner) and general recruitment queries should be emailed to Heledd Gwilym (Resourcing Specialist) manages the NDM protocol procedure and is available to support with specialist help and advice for recruitment to senior, niche and difficult to fill roles, please contact Heledd directly at


Approval to Recruit

Every piece of recruitment, including the refiling of posts, first requires the hiring manager to complete an Approval to Recruit form. This captures all the necessary details to enable advertising of a post. This is an online form (available through HAWK) which may be completed independently or with support from a member of the recruitment team.

To access HAWK, you will need to know your single sign-on account details. If you are unsure of these details, please contact IT services:


A high-level overview of the recruitment process is summarised below. A member of the recruitment team will support managers throughout the process.


Approval to Recruit process