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Childcare Services  - Includes information on nurseries, salary sacrifice scheme, childcare vouchers, tax free childcare and holiday playschemes.

University Nurseries - Includes information on University nurseries, applications, visits and allocation procedures. Staff who have used the University Nurseries recommend that, if you would like to use one of these nurseries, to get your name down whilst you are pregnant, or at the earliest opportunity, as the waiting lists are long.

Holiday Playschemes - The university works in partnership with various playscheme providers to support families during school holiday periods.

Emergency childcare - It can be extremely difficult when your childcare arrangements breakdown, for whatever reason. At NDM we understand how challenging this can be. My Family Care is a benefit the University provides for all employees, offering access to emergency back-up childcare and adultcare, a ‘speak to an expert’ phone line and a wide range of guides and webinars through a website called the Work + Family space. My Family Care’s Work+Family space website is a subscription service, so to access the services you need to register.  To authenticate that you are an eligible employee you need to provide your SSO username (dept1234) and your employee number, from your payslip.  You only need to do this once, after which you can create a personal log-in. Access to the services, phone lines and web guidance is free for University employees, but you will need to meet the costs of any care that you book.