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work-life balanceNDM actively promotes the provision of a family friendly working environment. The University of Oxford recognises the demands on work life balance and offers a range of family friendly policies and practices:

Parents and Carers Gateway

NDM has developed a Parents and Carers Gateway in order to provide you with links to all the information and resources which may be useful to you if you are considering starting a family, are expecting, are new parents or have children of any age or if you are a carer. This page also provides you with a link to ParentsNet, an Medical Sciences Division forum for parents to share their experiences and find a place to exchange goods and ideas alike.

Information for parents and carers | HR Support (


The University offers a comprehensive range of childcare services at affordable prices and works closely with various professional bodies to continue to enhance its provision. The following pages may be of interest to you:

Flexible working and part-time workers

Part-time workers receive the same access to benefits and entitlements as full-time workers:

  • Part-timers receive the same access to training and promotion as full-timers
  • Part-timers receive a pro rata entitlement to leave including bank holidays
  • Requests from full timers to work part-time are given careful consideration, particularly those returning from maternity leave

More information can be found on the Part-time workers pages of the University website. Additional guidance on the flexible working application process, as well the downloadable flexible working application form can be found on this website.

Working from home

The Department recognises that Working from home can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Working from home may be undertaken by any member of staff with the agreement of the Department. Working from home is voluntary and reversible at the department’s or employee’s request; it may be set up on a temporary or ongoing basis.

More information can be found on the Working from home page of the University website.

Equal career opportunities

As part of its Integrated Equality Policy, the University of Oxford aims to provide an inclusive environment which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff and students are respected to assist them in reaching their full potential.

The University will work to remove any barriers which might deter people of the highest potential and ability from applying to Oxford, either as staff or students. The University has approved separate policies for race, disability, and gender equality.

Other policies can be found on the employment pages of the University website.


Please contact us if you have ideas or suggestions.