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In light of the uncertain financial position due to COVID-19, Personnel Committee considered possible pay mitigations for the next financial year, and its recommendations were approved by Council on 22 June. These mitigations include putting some discretionary pay awards  on hold until further notice.

Further details of the pay mitigations

**Update - The recognition scheme was reinstated from 13th November 2020.

The Reward and Recognition Scheme for academic-related and support staff was introduced in 2013 and has two elements:

  • an annual gathered field review, the Awards for Excellence Scheme, at departmental level, awarding incremental payments within a simplified framework; AND
  • Recognition Scheme, under which smaller, more timely awards (£200 before tax in all cases) can be made at departmental level to recognise one-off, outstanding contributions at any time of the year.

Recognition Scheme 

The University Recognition Scheme provides for awards to be made at Departmental level to reward "one-off", outstanding contributions by staff throughout the year.

Managers may nominate an individual or a team for consideration under the recognition scheme by completing the form below. The details will be received by the Head of HR (NDM) for consideration by the Head of Department and the Associate Head of Department (Academic Support & Finance). Full details of the scheme and its operation within NDM are available in Personnel Circular PERS (13)09 and the NDM Guidance (available below) 

No one is to receive a Recognition Award more than once every six months (other forms of recognition, such as the thank you board, may be used where further instances of exceptional performance merit recognition) 

Team awards are permitted, but no group larger than a team should receive them as they are meant to reward exceptional performance. Therefore, awards should not be made to entire sections / sub-faculties etc.

NDM guidance and monthly nomination deadline schedule 2022.  

Awards for Excellence  - Scheme SCHEME SUSPENDED (SEE ABOVE NOTICE)

In Hilary term each year, NDM units convene small panels to consider nominations made either by managers or self-nominations from employees under the excellence scheme. Those who are successful in attaining an award receive either a recurrent salary increment or a lump sum payment equivalent to one increment. The payment is processed in the April payroll.

University’s full policy on excellence awards