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Personal Development Review

Personal development reviews are a year-round process with an annual review meeting to summarise the year gone and plan the year ahead. During the year, the plans made at the annual review meeting are discussed and adjusted as necessary. PDRs are a key process in which to participate for your career development as it helps identify areas to focus on, realistic goals and the support needed to help you succeed.

It is your responsibility to contribute fully to PDR by reviewing what has gone well/less well over the past year and what you should realistically try to achieve in the year ahead and discussing these with your PI. It is your PI’s responsibility to make sure that reviews take place and are followed up on, and to offer what support and guidance they can both during the annual review and then during the year as you seek to develop the relevant experience and opportunities to move your career forward.

For more information on PDRs and how to make the most of them visit the NDM PDR pages. The  People & Organisational Development website also have details of further guidance and resources that are available to you.