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The Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine is part of the Medical Sciences Division. It hosts one of the largest groupings of Biomedical Researchers in the University Sector, and is also responsible for a significant part of the teaching of clinical medical students with the Oxford Medical School.


Epigenetic Mechanisms in Health and Disease

Epigenetic Mechanisms in Health and Disease

Posted 13/04/2015

New Frontiers in Epigenetics, 24th-26th June 2015, Said Business School

Chromatin biology and epigenetics is a fast growing field at the frontier of modern biology, with considerable impact on understanding of fundamental mechanisms in human health and disease. The symposium ‘Epigenetic Mechanisms in Health and Disease’ aims to bring together clinical and non-clinical scientists at the forefront of epigenetics and chromatin biology and inflammation to discuss the latest advances in the field.

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Mystery of Darwin's strange South American mammals solved

Mystery of Darwin's strange South American mammals solved

Posted 08/04/2015

Protein sequencing solves Darwinian mystery of 'strange' South American mammals. The findings are based on fossil protein sequences, which allow researchers to peek back in time up to 10 times farther than they can with DNA. Scientists used proteomic analysis to screen 48 fossils of Toxodon platensis and Macrauchenia patachonica, the very species whose remains Darwin discovered 180 years ago in Uruguay and Argentina. Professor Benedikt Kessler participated in this study.

World Health Day 2015

World Health Day 2015

Posted 07/04/2015

7th April is World Health Day and marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization. This year’s theme is food safety. NDM spoke to Dr Daniel Wilson, a Group Head in Experimental Medicine, about his research on tracking micro-organisms and how this can be applied to pathogens such as Campylobacter – a common cause of food poisoning.

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julian knight

Human Genetic Variation in Inflammation and Immunity

Professor Julian Knight studies how genetic variation between individuals affect the way immune and inflammatory genes are expressed. This helps understand genetic susceptibility to common conditions such as infectious, inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. He has published a book titled ‘Human Genetic Diversity, functional consequences for health and disease’.

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Medical Grand Rounds


Thursday 23rd Apr, 1pm to 2pm, Academic Centre, Lecture Theatre 1, JR Hospital

Infection: "Ague", Prof Nick White

Respiratory Medicine: "_Aspergillus_ and the Lung: A Spectrum of Disease", Dr Lynne Curry and Dr William Flight

Chair: Prof Sir Peter J Ratcliffe FRS

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