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The Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine is part of the Medical Sciences Division. It hosts one of the largest groupings of Biomedical Researchers in the University Sector, and is also responsible for a significant part of the teaching of clinical medical students with the Oxford Medical School.

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SET for Britain competition

SET for Britain competition

Posted 10/11/2014

The final of the 2015 SET for BRITAIN event will take place at the Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster on Monday, 9th March 2015, sponsored by Andrew Miller MP, Chairman of the SET for BRITAIN organising group of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. SET for BRITAIN exists to raise the profile of Britain's early-stage researchers at Westminster by engaging Members of both Houses of Parliament with current science, engineering and ...

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NDM Autumn Graduate Prize Winners

NDM Autumn Graduate Prize Winners

Posted 27/11/2014

The Nuffield Department of Medicine is pleased to announce the NDM Graduate Research Prize winners for Autumn 2014. A prize of £500 has been awarded to eight students in recognition of academic accomplishment, significant research discoveries and/or published work. This autumn’s NDM Graduate Prize winners reflect the broad range of clinical and basic research undertaken within the department.

François Nosten wins science diplomacy award

François Nosten wins science diplomacy award

Posted 24/11/2014

In mid-Nov, in recognition of his 35 years of work fighting malaria in the conflict zones of the Thai-Myanmar border and for bringing around the same table Karen and Burmese representatives to discuss malaria elimination, François Nosten, director of the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU), was awarded the 2014 TWAS Regional Prize for Science Diplomacy. The award comes with a U$3,000 cheque that will go towards SMRU finances. The Academy of ...

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Podcast: Meet our Researchers



Dr Catherine Green leads the Chromosome Dynamics group at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. She studies DNA replication forks, where genome instability is likely to arise and can lead to cancer or other disorders. She is particularly interested in processes that ensure genetic and epigenetic stability during DNA replication.

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Medical Grand Rounds


Thu 4th Dec 2014 from 13:00 to 14:00, Lecture Theatre 1, John Radcliffe Hospital

Silver Star: “Haemodialysis for two at once: the Oxford Experience”, Dr Jennifer Hogan, Mr Raffaele Napolitano and Dr Lucy MacKillop

Dermatology: “Psoriasis; more than skin deep?”, Dr Rebecca Ngyeun

Chair: Prof Sir Peter J Ratcliffe FRS

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