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The Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine is part of the Medical Sciences Division. It hosts one of the largest groupings of Biomedical Researchers in the University Sector, and is also responsible for a significant part of the teaching of clinical medical students with the Oxford Medical School.


Wellcome Image Awards 2015

Wellcome Image Awards 2015

Posted 13/08/2014

Entry to the Wellcome Image Awards 2015 is now open. If you are a research scientist, photographer or illustrator, your images could reach a global audience. The winning images will go on display at science centres and public galleries across the UK. In order for your images to be considered for the Awards, they first need to be accepted into our collections. We are looking to acquire high quality imagery that relates to biomedical science and contemporary healthcare, and are interested in all artistic media and imaging techniques, from hand-drawn illustrations to super-resolution microscopy and functional MRI scans. The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2014.

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CCOUC disaster course 'bottom up approach' praised

CCOUC disaster course 'bottom up approach' praised

Posted 19/08/2014

In a letter to the South China Morning Post the 'bottom up approach' of the Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and Chinese University for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC) free online course on disaster and medical humanitarian response was praised. Since its launch in mid-June, 749 students have enrolled on the course, with 347 from Hong Kong. This shows a great demand for disaster information locally and globally. Hong Kong has the potential to develop into a regional hub for disseminating this knowledge.

Google Impact Challenge

Google Impact Challenge

Posted 11/08/2014

A programme led by Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science, Malaria Atlas Project and the NDM Eijkman Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU) in Jakarta, has recently won the Google Impact Challenge 2014. EOCRU is a subunit of the Wellcome-Oxford Major Overseas Programme based in Viet Nam, which is part of NDM Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health. The ...

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Podcast: Stem Cells and Cancer

The gastrointestinal tract is lined with a single sheet of epithelium that is replaced every 4-5 days. The base of the crypt is where the gastrointestinal stem cells are found. These divide to form daughter cells that travel up the crypt to replace these cells. Dr Simon Leedham's current research focuses on the cell-signaling pathways that control intestinal stem cells and the dysregulation of these pathways in cancer.

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Benedikt Kessler

Dr Benedikt Kessler is a Group Head in the Target Discovery Institute.

"I feel I have been very well supported by the Department; two years ago I had an offer for a full professorship in The Netherlands, which NDM matched with a permanent post and lab space in their new building. NDM has also been incredibly supportive of my family."

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