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The Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine is part of the Medical Sciences Division. It hosts one of the largest groupings of Biomedical Researchers in the University Sector, and is also responsible for a significant part of the teaching of clinical medical students with the Oxford Medical School.


Cheltenham Science Festival 2015

Cheltenham Science Festival 2015

Posted 09/03/2015

The NDM is sponsoring the Cheltenham Science Festival again this year, from June 2nd to June 7th, and will have a stall in the Discover Zone all that week.  We will have a 3x3m stall to house an exhibit and researchers and are planning to change this exhibit every day, to give as many people as ...

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The Life Cycle of Malaria


Fighting malaria is one of our major objectives. Many NDM scientists try to find new ways to help the millions of people worldwide who are affected by malaria. In our edutainment game, players role-play as mosquito or malaria parasite, and interact with different stages of the disease's life-cycle.

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Fighting TB – South Africa’s ‘insidious epidemic’

Fighting TB – South Africa’s ‘insidious epidemic’

Posted 28/05/2015

South Africa stands at the centre of a global TB epidemic devastating the health of millions and their communities. Oxford University is working with South African researchers, health workers and community volunteers in the hunt for an urgently-needed new vaccine.   

NDM in Nepal

NDM in Nepal

Posted 19/05/2015

The recent earthquakes in Nepal, on the 25th April and 12th May 2015, have caused a tragic loss of life and had a devastating impact on an already fragile infrastructure. The resilience of the people of Nepal is legendary but the challenges are enormous. The initial focus was on finding ...

Whole-genome sequencing comes to the clinic

Whole-genome sequencing comes to the clinic

Posted 22/05/2015

More than 10 years after the completion of the Human Genome Project, doctors are a step closer to using whole-genome sequencing to diagnose and treat patients with genetic diseases. This follows a study by researchers from the University of Oxford and the DNA sequencing company Illumina. Results ...

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Podcast: Meet our Researchers



Over the years, our Researchers have explained in lay terms the essence of their research. Watch over 80 interviews with our Principal Investigators, past and present.

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Medical Grand Rounds


Thursday 28th May, 1pm to 2pm, Academic Centre, Lecture Theatre 1, JR Hospital

Haematology: "Myeloma bone disease", Dr Matt Sims and Dr Karthik Ramasamy

Psychological Medicine: "When delirium goes on and on...and on", Dr Bart Sheehan

Chair: Prof Sir Peter J Ratcliffe FRS

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