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The Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine is part of the Medical Sciences Division. It hosts one of the largest groupings of Biomedical Researchers in the University Sector, and is also responsible for a significant part of the teaching of clinical medical students with the Oxford Medical School.


Chris Pugh at Museum of Natural History

Chris Pugh at Museum of Natural History

Posted 27/07/2015

In a talk on Saturday 1st August, Professor Chris Pugh reveals the personal story behind research into oxygen sensing and its importance to human medicine. This talk is part of the Biosense exhibition programme and is suitable for adults.

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Congratulations to NDM researchers

Congratulations to NDM researchers

Posted 23/07/2015

The University of Oxford has conferred the title of Professor on five NDM researchers earlier this month, and the University of Bristol awarded a Honorary degree to Professor David Stuart on 23rd July.  Katja Simon's work on immunulogy (which has implications for diseases such as leukemia) has been recognized by her appointment to a Professorship in Immunology. Peter Horby, who work on ...

Study find potential new cancer therapeutic strategy

Study find potential new cancer therapeutic strategy

Posted 23/07/2015

NDM researchers have discovered a novel DNA recycling mechanism that normally protects cells, but which could potentially be turned against certain cancer cells. 

In a study published in Nature, the lead author Dr Skirmantas Kriaucionis described how their study uncovered 'loopholes' in the recycling of modified DNA bases that can be exploited for cancer intervention. 

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Podcast: Meet our Researchers



Dr Mona Bafadhel studies the pathophysiology of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). There are broadly two inflammatory phenotypes of COPD that are clinically indistinguishable but have different treatment responses. Dr Bafadhel is working on the development of novel therapeutic strategies for COPD, particularly to treat the regular periods of worsened symptoms that patients experience.

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The Life Cycle of Malaria


Fighting malaria is one of our major objectives. Many NDM scientists try to find new ways to help the millions of people worldwide who are affected by malaria. In our edutainment game, players role-play as mosquito or malaria parasite, and interact with different stages of the disease's life-cycle.