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Professor Tim Peto

Research Area: Clinical Epidemiology
Technology Exchange: Bioinformatics and Medical statistics
Scientific Themes: Immunology & Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine & Global Health
Keywords: Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine

Co-Leader for the Infection Theme of the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.

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Healthcare big data and genomics for infectious disease threat detection

Increasing deployment and sophistication of electronic healthcare records in hospital and community settings provides a rich and complex resource for early detection of emerging infectious diseases threats, and detection broader pressures on healthcare systems. Examples of the data available include patient admissions, diagnoses, ward movements, and contact networks, real-time patient observations and laboratory results defining illness severity, and data on healthcare interventions such as ...

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Prediction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance through genome sequencing clinical samples

The World Health Organization estimates that two billion people are infected with tuberculosis, with 9 million active cases and 1.5 million deaths per year. Of these, an estimated 480,000 cases are multi-drug-resistant, posing one of the greatest obstacles to the WHO’s ambition to ‘end tuberculosis’ by 2035. Around the globe drug susceptibility results are currently often unavailable, or only available after weeks or months of waiting, but researchers from the University of Oxford and Public ...

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