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The key to future treatment of COVID19 and other coronaviral threats remains in understanding the underlying pathology.  The same is true for many other diseases for which we lack adequate forms of treatment, and the NDM is prioritising new paradigms of molecular pathology that explore disease at the levels of cells and their relationships. The COVID19 outbreak has been an opportunity to develop this capacity further.

The Oxford COVID19 Pathology Project comprises 119 scientists spanning Medical Sciences and Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences Divisions, and is chaired by NDM’s Professor Paul Klenerman. The consortium has collected over 100 clinical samples from age matched COVID19 patients presenting with mild, severe or critical disease in hospital or mild disease outside hospital, and hospitalised patients with influenza or sepsis, and unaffected controls. This was led by work led by Dr Alex Mentzer, linking to ISARIC, Bio-AID, UK-Gains and our own Oxford Healthcare worker study.

The following work-packages (with lead investigators) will be reported on our database:

  • WP1: Humoral Immunity (Gavin Screaton)
  • WP2: COMBAT: Deep Phenotyping (Julian Knight)
  • WP3: Inflammatory Response and Haematology (Fiona Powrie)
  • WP4: T cell Immunity (Graham Ogg)
  • WP5: Data Integration (Julian Knight, Brian Marsden and John Todd)
  • WP6: Prospective 10,000 Oxford Healthcare Workers Study (Chris Conlon)