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Academic representatives from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), one of the leading universities in Mexico, paid a visit to NDM’s Jenner Institute.

Prof María Lilia Cedillo Ramírez, BUAP Rector, and Dr Ygnacio Martinez, BUAP Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies,  visited the Nuffield Department of Medicine’s Jenner Institute. They met with Prof Adrian Hill, Director of the Lakshmi Mittal & Family Professor Of Vaccinology, and Professor Of Human Genetics; and Dr César López-Camacho, Senior Researcher and Group Leader for mRNA technologies, to explore synergies between the two institutions for future academic partnerships.

The discussions centred around opportunities to establish academic exchanges, joint research projects, training and capacity-building programs for undergraduate students studying biomedicine, biotechnology, biology, microbiology, and other subjects in the medical sciences. Also explored were various areas of mutual interest for research projects, academic activities, as well as collaborations to obtain external funding for scientific research.

Speaking about the visit, Dr Cesar said: ‘‘I am pleased to host both the Dean and Vice-chancellor from BUAP. I am very much confident that this initial approach could be the beginning of long-lasting collaborations with Mexican institutions such as BUAP, as this will benefit many students and academics to further progress their career as scientists and vaccinologists - of which Mexico needs many!”

Dr Ygnacio said: ‘‘These initial strategies and plans will strengthen academic capacities in the areas of health and natural sciences at BUAP, while the Jenner Institute will benefit by having access to clinical research collaboration as well as promoting and shaping the future careers of our BUAP students. This represents the continuity of academic work with one of the best universities in the world: the University of Oxford, with whom BUAP has participated with collaborations over the past ten years.’’

The potential academic collaborations between the Jenner Institute and BUAP may open up new opportunities for students and researchers in both institutions and could lead to ground-breaking research and help tackle health challenges in Mexico and other Latin American countries.