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The Dr Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation will continue its funding support for The Centre for Personalised Medicine (CPM) for further seven years.

A signing ceremony took place in February to mark this funding agreement. Professor Anneke Lucassen, Professor of Genomic Medicine at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, Director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine; Ian Huen, Trustee Dr Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation, Dame Mary Archer, Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Chair of External Advisory Board CPM, Helen King, Principal of St Anne's College and Professor John Todd, Director of the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, attended the signing ceremony.

The Centre for Personalised Medicine was established through a very generous donation from the Dr Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation to St Anne’s College in 2013. The Centre serves as a platform for students, academics, clinicians, the public, and policy makers to delve into the advantages and challenges associated with personalised medicine. Throughout the academic year, the Centre organizes a wide range of engagement events, from intimate lectures and seminars at individual colleges to larger conferences, public talks, and international symposia.

Personalised medicine refers to the utilization of measurable data about an individual to guide their healthcare, rather than treating a group or population uniformly. With the advancement of technology, we are now able to generate a significant amount of health-related information about individuals.

Professor Anneke Lucassen said: “I am so delighted that the Centre for Personalised Medicine has received a generous 7 year funding award. This will allow us to research, debate, engage and implement a range of personalised medicine approaches so that developments in technology and data analysis can be translated into improved healthcare”.