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The Pandemic Sciences Institute at NDM, in collaboration with the global coalition of health research funders GloPID-R and UKCDR, has launched a new research programme including an interactive platform to track and analyse over $7 billion in global pandemic research funding.

The Pandemic Preparedness Analytical Capacity and Funding Tracking Programme, known as Pandemic PACT, has launched a new interactive funding tracker and complementary research programme that will improve the global research response to outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Led by PSI, in collaboration with the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness GloPID-R and the UK Collaborative on Development Research, Pandemic PACT is designed to track and analyse research funding and evidence for diseases with pandemic potential, including the World Health Organization’s priority diseases.

By identifying gaps in funding and evidence for a particular disease, population, location or research discipline, Pandemic PACT will support funders to make more informed investment decisions, ensuring resources are channelled where they are needed most. 

Ultimately the programme will support funders and researchers to improve the response to future outbreaks and strengthen global pandemic preparedness. 

Dr Robert Terry, Manager of Research Policy at the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases at the World Health Organization, said: 'In emergencies, understanding for research who is funding what, where and by how much is fundamental in setting priorities and coordinating a response. I see the launch of Pandemic PACT as a really valuable tool to address this issue and prepare for the next outbreak or pandemic – when it comes.'

To coincide with the launch, more detail on Pandemic PACT is published in The Lancet: Improving coherence of global research funding: Pandemic PACT.

Pandemic PACT was launched at an event in Oxford and online yesterday, attended by over 250 global health funders, policy- and decisionmakers, and researchers.

At the event, the Pandemic PACT team demonstrated the new Pandemic PACT Grant Tracker’s functionality, which includes ability to export data and charts from a dataset of over 6,800 research grants from 77 global funders, worth in excess of $7 billion.

Panellists from research funders and international organisations shared insights, lessons learned and perspectives on how Pandemic PACT will enhance future pandemic preparedness and response.

Dr Titus Divala, Research Lead for Epidemics & Epidemiology at the Wellcome Trust, one of the programme’s funders remarked: 'Pandemic PACT stands as a testament to what we can achieve when we unite research with action. This initiative is set to transform how we approach epidemic threats, making our responses more collaborative, strategic, swift, and science-driven.'

Building on COVID-19 research

Pandemic PACT builds upon the achievements, including the COVID CIRCLE initiative and the UKCDR and GloPID-R COVID-19 Research Project Tracker

Dr Alice Norton, Principal Investigator for Pandemic PACT, Head of the Pandemic Sciences Institute’s Policy and Practice Research Group and Head of the GloPID-R Research and Policy Team, reflected on the journey of the programmes’ development. Dr Nortan said: 'Seeing the combined efforts of so many partners and collaborators come to fruition was extremely rewarding. This launch marked the culmination of a great deal of work by many talented individuals. I’m grateful for the support of our Pandemic PACT funders and the guidance of the expert Pandemic PACT Advisory Group.'

Visit the Pandemic PACT website

Read correspondence in The Lancet: Improving coherence of global research funding: Pandemic PACT.