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The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has rapidly become the deadliest since the discovery of the virus. Was the British Government’s response appropriate? What are the risks to us? And what do we really know about this deadly disease?

When dealing with Ebola and other deadly biohazards, great care needs to be taken when putting on (donning) and taking off (doffing) personal protective equipment (PPE). Watch two doctors from our team who have just come back from Sierra Leone, Amanda Rojek and Tom Rawlinson, demonstrate how to do it right.

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Watch Professor Peter Horby's interview on Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Professor Horby's research focusses on epidemic diseases such as Ebola and bird flu, and crosses the disciplines of basic science, medical science and public health.

Ebola in Outreach

Panel discussion at Science Festival

Professor Adrian Hill and Professor Peter Horby reveal the history and biology of Ebola and discuss how close we are to ending the crisis, in a panel discussion on Ebola at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2-7 June 2015.


Led by Professor Horby, the International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC) provides a collaborative platform through which global, patient‐oriented clinical studies can be developed, executed and shared.