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Professor Paul Turner

Professor Paul Turner

Podcast interview

Improving data for infection management

The ACORN project gathers clinical, microbiology, and antibiotic use data from nine countries in Asia and Africa to understand the burden and impact of antibiotic resistance on patient treatment and outcomes. It aims to improve direct patient care, generate treatment guidelines, and inform interventions to combat antibiotic resistance globally, ensuring better antibiotics for all.

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Paul Turner


Professor of Paediatric Microbiology

  • Senior Clinical Research Fellow
  • Consultant in Microbiology
  • Director of the Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit
  • Principal Investigator for the ACORN Clinical AMR Surveillance Network

Clinical microbiologist with a focus on paediatric infections

Paul Turner is based at the Cambodia-Oxford Medical Research Unit (COMRU), Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

He co-leads the ACORN clinical AMR surveillance network with OUCRU-Hanoi's Rogier van Doorn.

His research interests include:

  • Antimicrobial resistance surveillance and control;
  • Paediatric healthcare associated infections;
  • Pneumococcal colonisation and disease and the impact of pneumococcal vaccines;
  • Utilisation of bacterial colonisation data.

His non-research work focuses on development of human and laboratory capacity for diagnostic microbiology in low-resource settings, with a focus on improving laboratory informatics.