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We are delighted to announce that six researchers have been awarded the title of Professor, in recognition of their research achievements, contribution to teaching, and contribution to the general work of the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

A collage of images of Miles Carroll, Katie Ewer, Yoel Lubell, Frank Smithuis, Lorenz Von Siedlein, George Warimwe.

These are the staff awarded full professor status in the most recent recognition of distinction process:

  • Miles Carroll, Professor of Emerging Viruses, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and Pandemic Sciences Institute
  • Katie Ewer, Professor of Vaccine Immunology, Jenner Institute
  • Yoel Lubell, Professor of Global Health, MORU
  • Frank Smithuis, Professor of Tropical Medicine, MOCRU (Myanmar Oxford Clincal Research Unit)
  • Lorenz Von Siedlein, Professor of Global Health, MORU (also works in Tanzania)
  • George Warimwe, Professor of Vaccinology, KEMRI-Wellcome, Kenya

Congratulations to all!

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