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A delegation from the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the People's Republic of China visited the University of Oxford and was hosted at the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM) by Professor Tao Dong, Ita Askonas Professor of Translational Immunology and Director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Oxford Institute (COI).

Prof Chris Conlon, Mr Wu Yan, Mr Darren Nash, Prof Tao Dong (left to right)

The MoE delegation included Mr. Wu Yan, Vice Minister for Education; Mr. Guo Peng, Director General, Department of Finance; Mr. Zhang Guohui, Director General, Department of Science, Technology and Informatization; Mr. Gao Bin, Director, Department of Higher Education; Ms. Zou Ying, Director, Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges and Mr. Zhu Jinming,  Deputy Director, Department of Higher Education. Also in attendance were Ms. Zhang Jin, Minister Counsellor for Education Affairs, and Ms. Luo Anna, First Secretary, from the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom.

In addition to Professor Tao Dong, NDM was represented by Mr Darren Nash, Associate Head of Department, Professor Chris Conlon, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Director of the COI, and Professor Robert Gilbert, Professor of Biophysics and Director of Graduate Studies.

After meetings with the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division and a brief tour of the COI facilities, the two sides discussed potential new collaborations, as well as future graduate studentships and internshipsto be supported by MoE, COI and NDM.

Professor Tao Dong said: “It has been a pleasure to host Mr. Wu and the delegation from the Ministry of Education. The Medical Sciences Division at Oxford remains a top destination for Chinese medical students, and as part of our partnership with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, we want to ensure that tomorrow’s researchers have access to our cutting-edge facilities and learn from our world-leading specialists. Together with National Health Commission Vice-Minister Xuetao Cao, who is the co-founder and joint Director of the COI, we look forward to further deepening our relationship with the Ministry of Education”.

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