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120 scientists from across Europe and beyond have been elected to the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) membership, an honour that celebrates research excellence and outstanding achievements in the life sciences, including Dr Peijun Zhang from the Nuffield Department of Medicine.


The new EMBO Members and Associate Members have been recognized for accomplishments that cover the spectrum of life science research, including work that has advanced understanding of how infectious disease spreads, the intricacies of ocean nutrient cycles, the mysteries of cellular signalling networks, the secrets of how plants survive in desert environments, and the links between the biology of our brains and our emotions.   

Professor Peijun Zhang is a Professor of Structural Biology in NDM's Division of Structural Biology and the founding director of the Electron Bio-imaging Centre at Diamond Light Source. She obtained a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Solid State Physics from Nanjing University, and Ph.D. in Biophysics and Physiology from University Virginia. She was a post-doctoral fellow and subsequently a staff scientist at the National Cancer Institute, NIH, and then an Assistant Professor and a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She joined the University of Oxford and Diamond Light Source in 2016.

Peijun Zhang said: 'I am honoured to be elected EMBO member. I look forward to becoming a part of such an incredible group of scientists and contributing to EMBO’s goal to further strengthen European science.'

EMBO Director Fiona Watt said: 'The new EMBO Members and Associate Members have made immense contributions to fundamental life science research, and, in many cases, their work has paved the way for innovations that have improved lives and livelihoods around the world. As EMBO marks its 60th anniversary, we celebrate the pivotal roles played by the EMBO Membership in strengthening international life science research and contributing to the EMBO Programmes and activities. I send my warmest congratulations to all those elected.'

EMBO will formally welcome the new members at a meeting of the EMBO community between 29 October and 1 November 2024 in Heidelberg, Germany. An online directory listing all EMBO Members and Associate Members, their affiliations, and subject areas is available here