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Eligibility criteria

The four year NDM Prize Studentships are our principal fully-funded awards and are open to outstanding candidates from any country without restriction. The departmental Prize Studentships are awarded for DPhil (PhD) students starting at the beginning of the academic year in October. 

All candidates who apply to the DPhil in Clinical Medicine for entry in 2024 by 1 December 2023 will automatically be considered for the NDM Prize Studentships. The candidate's academic and research potential are the only criteria on which these awards are judged. 

Please refer to our instructions on how to apply and the list of themes. Individual supervisors can also be contacted by email.

Value of the prize

Close-up of cell samples with a student in a face mask looking down at the samples faintly reflected in the image

Support for this programme comes from a variety of sources including the department, the Medical Research Council, and Clarendon Funds. The studentships pay the course fees for overseas or home students and have a stipend of not less than £20,000 per annum, which is tax-free. 

The Nuffield Professor of Medicine is also able to award additional stipends (Osler Awards) of up to £5,000 per annum in exceptional cases.

The NDM Prize Studentships allow students to carry out research on a single project for a full 4 years (or 8 years for part-time students). There is no period of rotation between laboratories; however, we encourage our students to use some of this time to attend courses and to establish collaborations with other groups in or outside Oxford.

The candidate's academic and research potential are the only criteria on which these awards are judged. Candidates should submit an online application by the deadline. Please refer to our instructions on how to apply.