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Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre 4 year PhD Programmes

The Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) programmes are structured 4 year DPhil programmes; applications and admissions for the separate themes are handled by the DTC. The awards are generous, and although the fees are covered at the Home rate, Overseas students who are offered places may get additional funding via a Clarendon Scholarship.

The first year of each programme consists of taught courses or laboratory rotations, after which the students are assigned a Department and spend three years of independent research in a single laboratory (in this respect, the programme differs from the NDM Prize Studentships, which are for 4 years in a single laboratory). Supervisors in the NDM participate in the following programmes:

For clinicians

Clinically qualified applicants can apply directly to the MRC (MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowships), CRUK or other specialist research charities for a Clinical Training Fellowship. You should discuss options with your prospective supervisor. Clinicians in training are counted as University employees.


Other programmes

The NDM will occasionally advertise special funding programmes or studentships linked to New Investigator Awards.