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Impactful science, curious minds, life-long friendship, mentorship and collaborations globally are what you can expect to find as an NDM student.
- Quang Nguyen, DPhil in Clinical Medicine student

Headshot of Quang Nguyen, Dphil student



The Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM) is one of the largest and most highly regarded departments of medicine in Europe and noted for the wide range and excellence of its basic and clinical research (rated 5* in research assessment exercises).


Needle and vaccine


The department is just as renowned for its work in basic sciences as more clinical or applied work with much of the £130 million per annum grant income being spent on understanding the most basic principles of biomedicine and disease pathogenesis.

As well as its research and clinical commitments in Oxford, the department has major overseas programmes in Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya.

ADMISSION to the dphil in clinical medicine


As a multi-disciplinary department, the NDM empowers students of all backgrounds and interests to become leaders in medical science and society. No matter your interests, you will find like-minded world-renowned mentors and inspiring peers who will provide unparalleled support as you excel as a student and confidently stride into your professional career.
- David Cruz Walma, DPhil student based in the Nuffield Department of Medicine

Admission to the DPhil in Clinical Medicine is competitive with academic excellence and research potential being assessed through the application form and an interview.

The DPhil in Clinical Medicine is also offered on a part-time basis for students who wish to study for their DPhil around other commitments.

NDM admits about 60 graduate (postgraduate) students each year for study and research towards a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) degree, which is the University of Oxford's equivalent of a PhD.


The Careers Service at Oxford University reports that 6 months after leaving Oxford, postgraduate research students at NDM are on average earning £31,000 with 83.8% in employment and a further 11% in further study (e.g. Graduate Entry Medicine).


See Funding Opportunities for full details about the scholarships available to NDM DPhil applicants.

All applications received by 3 December 2021 will automatically be considered for the NDM Prize Studentship and other funding opportunities available within the Medical Sciences Division. Further studentships and scholarships may also be available and can be found using the fees, funding and scholarship search.

Graduate Access features a number of funding initiatives to help those from under-represented groups such as the Black Academic Futures Scholarships.