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Language Requirements

If English is not your first language you will be required to supply test certificates stating that your proficiency in English achieves a minimum score. Further details of the acceptable test certificates and scores can be found on the University Guidance for International Students. Please note that the majority of successful candidates to NDM achieve a score on the IELTS Academic test of 7.5 with at least 7.0 in each component (TOEFL iBT 110 with minimum component scores that are listed here).

Please contact the NDM Graduate Studies Office to discuss the language requirement in your case, if your language score is borderline. The department may exercise its discretion in the case of research students who have performed well at interview, but all candidates are expected to reach the higher level at the time when they transfer to full D.Phil. status, which is within 2 years of study. Students for taught M.Sc. courses must reach the higher standard on admission without exception.

Waivers for the language requirement may be awarded in the following cases:

  • students who have grown up in an English speaking country during their formative years;
  • students who have attended University in an English speaking country;
  • students who have completed a University course of at least 2 years duration where the teaching was entirely in English.

The waiver is not automatic and many students in the third category are still required to confirm their spoken, written and reading English by completing the test. Since there is normally some delay between booking and taking the tests, it is important to request any waiver at an early stage, so time is still available to get a certificate if it is requested.